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The Lady Don't Mind by Talking Heads from the album: Little Creatures

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Random reaction gifs from the Alice In Wonderland review
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Most of the time, I can’t wait to go to bed so I can wake up the next day to eat.

What was that all about?
"If she’s a predisposed female offender, a major indicator is uncontrolled rage when challenged.
I’d say she passed the test.”- Hotch

She knows her puns… - Imgur

She knows her puns… - Imgur

It shouldn’t be a secret… Especially from you! My father is a… He’s schizophrenic. And homeless
Your father lives in Scarsdale, and he is an author.
No, that is my step-father. My mother married him when I was 3. We all took his name. I am talking about my birth-father.



Conan O’Brien with a coyote pup.